Hire Waterproofing Contractors in 3 Easy Steps

How do you hire waterproofing contractors? This might be on your mind if you’re attempting to deal with water leaks and damage into your house basement or concrete following a record-breaking cold winter. It’s important that customers equip themselves with information, to prevent shoddy repair work and basement waterproofing that is both costly and frustrating to repair. This guide will walk customers through the tools readily available online when selecting waterproofing contractors who are worth working with.

Establish the Damage

Before you even begin exploring waterproofing contractors appearing in the yellow pages, first thing you will need to do is assess and establish the damages in your property. If you are clear about what is lurking in your wet basement, then you won’t be surprised by your contractor’s assessment of the circumstance.

You ought to do a comprehensive walk-through of the area to determine if there are any quick fixes that are causing leaks or water collection. You may have obvious, readily mended cracks in a basement window or wall, for instance, that can be repaired with a little sweat and a quick visit to Home Depot, or maybe you only have clogged gutters which are forcing down water into a collection point in your soil, causing leaks into the basement. Rule out these basic issues before phoning in contractors, and you will save money and time.

Research Waterproofing Contractors

If you have determined the damage is beyond your ability to mend, now’s the time to begin shopping around for waterproofing contractors. Be sure to use consumer protection resources like your city’s Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List or sponsored connections to perform an area search for local service waterproofing contractors that are highly recommended within your area.

It is possible to also investigate potential contractors throughout the National Association of Waterproofing Contractors.

When you’ve narrowed down your choice of waterproofing contractors to two or three candidates, it is time to contact them for a fast interview. An excellent waterproofing contractor will typically not need a sizable down payment, and are going to be able to supply you with an entirely free estimate of project costs, in addition to a comprehensive project plan with precise beginning and end dates. Furthermore, your plumbing contractors should have the ability to offer you proof of insurance coverage. That is crucial; otherwise you might be potentially held liable for any workman’s compensation claims that occur when subcontractors are working in your residence.

Use your instinct when dealing with those candidates for your business — you’re employing them, not the other way around, and thus don’t hire somebody who activates off your inner alerts! If you do not like what you are hearing, you’re within your rights to keep searching. At the end of the interview, let the waterproofing contractors know exactly when you will be making your decision. Be professional and respectful in their time, as you would expect them to be with you.

These 3 simple tips — assessing your damage, exploring online, and in-person interviewing — can allow you to feel comfortable with all the waterproofing contractor you choose. Superior waterproofing contractors will help safeguard your financial investment in your home, and help offer you both safety and reassurance.

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